The following API call allows you to get the feedback responses.


Name Type Required Example Description
businessId integer|string no 6418 Business id (or multiple comma-separated ids.)
clientId string(40) yes 04f78...9f9f3 Client id is a unique user identifier provided by GatherUp.
feedbackId integer|string no 123456 Feedback id (or multiple comma-separated ids.)
from string(YYYY-MM-DD) no 2013-01-23 Received from
hash string(64) yes bd13a40...303f3c5 Hash is a digital request signature. Learn how to generate hash here.
page integer no 1 Page
to string(YYYY-MM-DD) no 2015-01-23 Received to
aggregateResponse integer no 1 It will return an array with results of numbered items.




    "page": 1,
    "pages": 1,
    "businessId1": 1310,
    "feedbackId1": 33588,
    "type1":"owner", // owner|customer
    "content1":"Glad you are happy."
    "count": 1,
    "perPage": 500,
    "errorCode": 0,
    "errorMessage": "Success"


errorCode errorMessage
-1 Unknown error
1 Invalid hash sign
2 Invalid clientId
3 Server error - please contact support