Add the response to online review. Feature works for reviews from google which are authorization by GMB.


Name Type Required Example Description
clientId string(40) yes 04f78...9f9f3 Client id is a unique user identifier provided by GatherUp.
hash string(64) yes bd13a40...303f3c5 Hash is a digital request signature. Learn how to generate hash here.
reviewId integer yes 374875474 Review ID
content string yes Thank you! The content of the comment.


    "reviewId": 3573219,
    "content": "Thank you, Mike!!",


    "reviewId": 3573219


errorCode errorMessage
-1 Unknown error
1 Invalid hash sign
2 Invalid clientId
3 Server error - please contact support
73 Required fields are empty
74 Review does not exist
75 This review does not meet the requirements
76 You do not have permission
77 OAuthConnection with GMB has been lost