Test your API OAuthConnection

Follow the example below to check if your request was properly signed and your clientId and privateKey are valid. This is a great first test before moving on to more complicated API calls.


Name Type Required Example Description
clientId string(40) yes 04f78...9f9f3 Client id is a unique user identifier provided by GatherUp.
hash string(64) yes bd13a40...303f3c5 Hash is a digital request signature. Learn how to generate hash here.


    "clientId": "04f78076fbfc66940169d2199af7c6698019f9f3",
    "hash": "bd13a40657c487a3defef50ab606352c0ea007fc00b0d0e13d2da5d15303f3c5"


    "errorCode": 0,
    "errorMessage": "Success"


errorCode errorMessage
-1 Unknown error
1 Invalid hash sign
2 Invalid clientId
3 Server error - please contact support